Strong Families Build Strong Communities 

JEssica Brannon                                                                       hr dIRECTOR / General Manager

Mrs. Brannon joined Transitions Counseling Services as a volunteer in 2008.  By April 2009, Mrs. Brannon was promoted to full-time status as the General Manager because of her loyalty, inspiring attitude and ideas, and exceptional leadership abilities.  In 2011, Mrs. Brannon was promoted to a double title to include HR Director.  Mrs. Brannon is an inspiration with her phenomenal work ethic and her unmatched dedication to the organizational goals. Mrs. Brannon is responsible for market expansion, business development, daily operations, program development, compensation management, and client/employee satisfaction/retention.

Emma Ridley                                                                            Chief Financial Officer / PARTNER

Ms. Ridley is responsible for overall financial management of Transitions Counseling Services. Ms. Ridley is also a licensed pharmacist in the state of Kansas and Missouri with a Master's in Public Health Education. Ms. Ridley provides education services to the community focusing on medication and tobacco use.



Transitions Counseling Services in Kansas City

Sandra Flores, lmsw                                                                                     BIlingual Therapist

Mrs. Flores started as a student intern in May 2012 and was hired in 2013 after she graduated from Park University with her Master's in Social Work.  Mrs. Flores strives to help individuals achieve the goals they have in mind for themselves.  Mrs. Flores is a key asset to the community with a genuine desire to help.

Regina Singleton, LMSW, Cts                            Executive Director / PartneR / Therapist

Mrs. Singleton has been providing behavioral and mental health services in the Wyandotte and Johnson County areas for over 25 years. Mrs. Singleton has been trained to use sensory based activities to help children and adults enhance their lives. Mrs. Singleton is a Certified Trauma Specialist through the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children.


Cynthia Moses, LSCSW                                              Clinical Director / PARTNER / Therapist

Ms. Moses has been providing behavioral and mental health services in the Wyandotte, Johnson, and Jackson County areas for over 25 years. Ms. Moses has been trained to use a variety of cognitive and behavioral interventions with clients who have experiences abandonment, chronic health issues such as HIV/AIDS, and loss of a loved one; including through violent death.